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2019-20 Teacher of the Year
Charlsie McElroy, Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Charlsie McElroy, a first grade teacher here at DLR, was chosen by her colleagues as our 2019-20 David L. Rainer Elementary Teacher of the Year. Mrs. McElroy has a passion for teaching and her students, and we congratulate her on her accomplishments!
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Our Super Hero Lunch Ladies!!!
Did you know May 3rd is national School Lunch Hero Day? At DLR, we celebrated and thanked our hard working cafeteria staff members! Today, they dawned their capes, masks, and gloves to feed the kids that entered their lines. Our school was able to thank them for all of their hard work, their caring smiles, and the personal relationships they've built with our students. Thank you to Mrs. Kim and all of her ladies! We are so thankful for all you do to feed our students!!
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"The Magic of Monet" 2019 Art Show!
Bravo to Mrs. Benton and the students of DLR for such terrific art!! Of course you can't have an art show without volunteers... special thanks to those who came in today and helped set everything up - huge job!! We also want to thank all the families who were in attendance at our first art show. For those who were unable to attend...no worries...there will still be an opportunity to purchase your child's framed art. Mrs. Benton will send out the info once she receives it from the company. Remember, Every Child is an Artist!!
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The Last 26 Days of Kindergarten
Mrs. Miller’s class is celebrating all of our hard work this year by using the 26 letters of the alphabet to count down the last 26 days of school. Each day we do a different activity that starts with that letter of the alphabet. A was for airplane – we learned how to construct paper airplanes and then watched to see how far they could fly. B was for bubbles – we went outside and enjoyed some bubble fun. C was for clouds – we read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk”, then made and wrote about our own cloud shapes. D was for dance – we put on some music had fun. E was for exercise – we got our wiggles out with some extra recess. We can’t wait to see what the next 21 days bring!
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Purple Up Day!
April is the Month of the Military Child and DLR showed its military pride during our Purple Up day on April 12th. Military families enjoyed a Hot Dog for Heroes lunch in the cafeteria, and students and staff showed their support by "Purpling Up" for the day.
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4th Grade Challenge Students Visit White Oak Conservation Center
Our 4th grade Challenge students have been studying the rhinoceros, and a field trip to White Oak Conservation Center was the perfect opportunity to get a closer look at their topic - including a new baby rhino, Kali! It was a terrific day!
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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!
Our kindergartners visited the zoo and had a blast!
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3rd Grade Field Trip to Ft. King George
On Friday, March 8th, DLR's 3rd graders went to Ft. King George. While at the fort, they were able to experience what life would've been like living in a fort many years ago. They were able to visit with soldiers, doctors, blacksmiths, and more! Students also were able to watch musket balls being made, as well as experience the BOOM of a cannon being shot! Fun was had by everyone involved!
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Read Across America!
Read, Baby, Read! We had a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday on Friday, March 1st! We kicked off “Read Across America” day with a delicious breakfast of green eggs & ham, and even Dr. Milstead joined in the fun by dressing as The Cat in the Hat and reading the book Green Eggs & Ham to Pre-K and Kindergarten students while they ate. We had volunteer readers throughout the school, and plenty of Seuss' themed hats to show our love!
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Family Sweetheart Dance
Yeah, they were dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'!!! Kids big and small had a great time at our Family Sweetheart Dance. We had games, crafts, a raffle, and of course, great tunes to dance to! Check out our pix!
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Is There a Doctor in the House?
The 3rd Graders at DLR wrapped up a unit on Text Features with a fun activity. Students donned their hair nets, gloves, and masks to perform surgery on their patient. Each patient required 5 text features to be cured. Students found them in various articles and magazines. We are excited to say that every patient pulled through surgery! Thank you to our hard working doctors in training!
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100 Days Smarter!
Our Kindergarten cuties celebrated their 100th Day of School in a big way. They brought in artwork from home, sang songs, sorted snacks into 10 groups of 10, and much more!
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2019 Spelling Bee
Super Spellers! Ten 4th and 5th grade spellers faced off for a terrific spelling bee, and after many rounds of great competition, Brennan Edwards was the declared the champ! Congratulations to all our contestants, and a big thank you to our spelling bee committee.
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2018 History Night
Red Cross Nurses, Presidents, Military Officers and - an Exploding Cannon! DLR 4th and 5th graders brought their studies to life the evening of November 15th during our annual History Night. Their costumes and projects were terrific, and families learned all about central figures and pivotal moments in US history. The highlight of the evening was a confetti cannon!
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Veteran's Day White Table Breakfast
At DLR, we are thankful to be in a military community! We are honored to have over 100 military kids. On the morning of November 9th, military students and families were celebrated with a Veteran's Day breakfast. These students got a few minutes out of class to celebrate with their active and retired family members. Our 3rd and 4th grade students made Veteran's Day cards to hand out, and our 5th grade students set a special white table after reading America's White Table. Attendees enjoyed light refreshments and kind words from Dr. Milstead. We also learned of the yellow ribbons tied around trees near the entrances of DLR. We currently have 12 families with members deployed. We look forward to the time when those ribbons are cut from the trees. We appreciate all of the sacrifices these families make to give us the many freedoms we have. Happy Veteran's Day from the DLR tigers.
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DLR Red Ribbon Art Contest
This year, along with the anti-drug message, we highlighted the anti-bullying aspect of the Red Ribbon campaign. Our students worked on projects in Art class related to the anti-bullying message by accenting kindness, friendship, and being helpful to others. Themes for each grade level were as follows: Kindergarten- “It’s Cool to Be Kind”, 1st- “Be Wise, Be a Buddy”, 2nd “Be Kind, Everybody Matters”, 3rd “If Your Heart Is a Volcano, How Shall You Expect Flowers to Bloom?”, 4th-Had a choice of themes and 5th-“In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind.” Each grade level was judged based on creativity, color, neatness, and message presentation.
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Fire Safety Lessons
The students in Mrs. Miller’s kindergarten class were visited by some of our local fire fighters. We learned all about fire safety and the importance of having smoke detectors in our homes. We even got to sit in the big, red fire truck!
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2018 Fall Storybook Character Parade
Stories came alive on Friday, October 12th, as students dressed as beloved characters from their favorite books. We had everything from ninjas, Waldo, Pinkalicious, Black Panther, Harold and his Purple Crayon, and a gigantic carrot. Such a fun day celebrating reading!
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Students Study White Rhinos
The 4th grade DLR and KES Challenge students, along with their teacher Mrs. Patterson, went on their first of two field experiences to White Oak Conservation! This year our unit of study will focus on the white rhino species. In class, students will watch live camera footage from White Oak to observe play behavior between the calves. We will then compare the play behavior of rhinos born in the wild and those that are born in captivity. We are thankful for our partnership with White Oak Conservation and their dedication to animals. We look forward to our second trip in the spring!
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Good News Club
One great thing about DLR is we are family! Our older challenge students visit and help the pre-k students often. Last week, the pre-k class wrapped up a unit on colors, and the challenge students helped to create color books. The excitement felt in Ms. Graff's room on Wednesdays is contagious. The students love working with their buddies, and the relationships they are building are truly magical. As Ms. Graff's door says, they are "making the world beautiful" one day, and friend, at a time.
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Custodian Appreciation Day
Hug a custodian! We celebrated our crew this week on National Custodial Worker Appreciation Day. Our custodian staff is the best because they truly love DLR. They are here each day with smiles, a laugh, and are always willing to help. Their job as custodians is only a small part of what they do for our school. They lend a hand to a crying child, they buy ice cream for kids that never have money to get a treat, they clean faces, they jump cars, help wash hands, and work all after school activities without extra pay or sometimes acknowledgement. Thank you so much!
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Fabulous Fall Festival
Wow, we had FUN!!! A color run, cake walk, basket auction, bounce houses and jousting, games galore, and FUN, FUN, FUN! Thank you to all our families who came out and supported our festival, and an extra big thank you to all of our volunteers - the Coast Guard, parents, and even former students who came back from the middle schools and high school. It was so good to see you! Thanks for a great festival!
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dot day 1
International Dot Day Celebration
Dots, dots everywhere! On faces, walls, and in our hair! The students of DLR had a blast celebrating International Dot Day. The fun began in Mrs. Benton's Visual Arts room when she read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and then lead the children in creating beautiful dot art of all kinds. The unit was topped off with face painting and students sporting their best dotted clothing - some the students had painted themselves!
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We Are DLR! PBIS Kick Off Assembly!
We Are DLR! We are Repectful, Responsible, and Safe!
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