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2018 Grad Walk
2018 DLR Graduating Seniors
We are so proud of our 2018 graduating seniors! Thank you for coming back and letting us share your joy! We Are DLR!
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Real Live Book Fair Heroes - En Masse!
We are so grateful for our two Coast Guard units! Both units were represented by 18 valuable volunteers who put up our book fair in record time! Thanks to all who help us set up the fair and take it down twice a year. We appreciate you so very much!
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3rd Grade Time Travelers!
Third grade students visited Fort King George in Darien, Georgia on March 9th. Heritage Day was being celebrated, so students were able to experience colonial life of the 1700s. Third graders and chaperones visited a Native American campsite, watched blacksmiths and weavers do their work, and witnessed cannons being shot over the marsh and river, just as colonists did hundreds of years ago to protect themselves against enemies.
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Singing Stories in 2nd Grade!
David L. Rainer 2nd grade students had a special treat on March 9th. Mr. John Wilke from NC came to perform a concert and sing-alongs with the students. He was so engaging and the students had great fun. He incorporated children’s literature and even gave a few music lessons. Fun was had by all!
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cumberland 7
The Circle of Life on Cumberland Island
Fourth grade was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Cumberland Island as a part of the "Every Kid in a Park" initiative. While they were there, they were introduced to different ecosystems and native species on the island. They participated in simulations that helped them understand the vital role of the food web and its' effects on the ecosystem. Our students had a great day learning and exploring!
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 chick 1
Family Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A
Good food and good fun at our DLR Family Spirit Night! Thanks to all who showed support!
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luke and emily
Super Spelling Champ!
Update: Luke took fourth place in the Camden County Spelling Bee! Congrats, Luke!
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rocks 2
Fascinating Minerals!
Mr. Stephen Cason recently captivated our third grade classes with his beautiful collection of minerals. He started his career as a rockhound as a boy when father gave him his first stone. Through the years his collection and expertise has grown, and his passion and generosity ignited the interest of a new generation at DLR when he gave each child an amethyst at the end of the presentation! Thanks so much, Mr. Cason! Great Job!
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Elves Spreading Christmas Cheer!
Jingle bells and a ho ho ho! The day before winter break our 5th grade elves made Santa proud by spreading holiday cheer throughout the school. The little ones loved it and a good time was had by all!
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Storybook Character Parade
DLR students celebrated reading by parading as favorite storybook characters for parents and fellow students! We had classic literary favorites, sports stars, and a menagerie of animals. Such a fun day!
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3rd text surg 1
Is There a Surgeon in the House?
On December 8th, 3rd graders at David L. Rainer scrubbed in for surgery to excise pictures, captions, headings, titles, graphs, for their patients! To wrap up a text features unit, Mrs. Williams’ students donned their hair nets, gloves, and masks to show what they had learned. Each doctor had a patient waiting when they arrived to the B8 surgery room. Each patient had specific needs, and each “doctor” successfully complete their surgery task. Great job 3rd grade doctors!!
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2017 Fire Fighter Thx 1
Thankful for Firefighters!
Fourth grade students at David L. Rainer Elementary School wanted to show their generosity by doing something special for the Kingsland Fire Department.
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Thankful for Kindergarten
Kindergartners and their families enjoyed a sweet program and a delicious feast!
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History Comes Alive at DLR!
DLR fourth and fifth grade students did a great job leading us back in time during our History Night! Students dressed as historical figures, and while in character presented their projects to family and community members. Great Job!
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Because of You - Semper Paratus: Always Ready
Like their motto: Semper Paratus, our Coast Guard MSST Kings Bay 91108 & MFPU volunteers are Always Ready to support our efforts here at DLR. They participate in our Fall Festival, Book Fairs, Field Days, and so much more. We dearly appreciate their dedication and kindness. Thank you so much!
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jaedyn 5th
Gold Medal Writing!
At DLR, our students are working hard on their writing. Throughout the year, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have opportunities to earn medals for their writings in the following genres: Narrative, Informational, and Opinion. The students are scored based on the rubric that is used for the End of Grades Georgia Milestone test. These students scored exceptionally well. We are proud of our authors at DLR!
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Because of You
A familiar, friendly face around DLR is Mr. Chris Thurner, our Kiwanis Club Terrific Kids representative and K-Kids Club sponsor. Mr. Thurner is always here to present Terrific Kids certificates and awards to students at every Tiger-riffic Kids Assembly. For the past four years, Mr. Thurner has also served as the St. Marys Kiwanis Club member sponsor for our DLRES K-Kids Club. He meets monthly with our K-Kids and K-Kids Club faculty advisor, and assists with K-Kids service projects and programs throughout the year.
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Fabulous Fall Festival!
Wow! What an amazing Fall Festival!! We enjoyed a color run, crafts, games, a cake walk, bidding on bunches of beautiful baskets, exploring a fire truck, and a Coast Guard boat. So much fun and a big thank you to our volunteers from CMS, SMMS, CHS and the Coast Guard!!
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Tracy Edwards
Because of You - PAWSome Parent!
Tracy Edwards, a DLR parent volunteer, has helped create and organize PAWS, Parents Always Willing to Support, the David L. Rainer parent volunteer group. Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Dixon, our guidance counselor, have trained over 100 parent volunteers since the creation of PAWS. As PAWS President, Mrs. Edwards has coordinated various fundraising efforts for DLR, including maintaining our online school store, the Annual Color Run, Fall Festival, Fifth Grade Dance, Santa Shop, Holiday Family Night, and many other events that make our school a special place to be. Because of Mrs. Edwards, and the PAWS volunteers, David L. Rainer Elementary continues to thrive and be a PAWSome place for our students, parents, faculty and staff. Thank you, Mrs. Edwards!!
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We are DLR and we make positive behavior choices.
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Camden County Schools Tops Niche Ratings
Camden County Schools Tops Niche Ratings
Niche.com recently identified Camden County Schools as the 7th ranked school district in Georgia in their recent “2017 Best Schools” report.
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