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3rd Graders Love Gems & Minerals!
It was too far for the David L. Rainer Tigers take a field trip to the mountains, so the mountains came to them today. 3rd grade students had the opportunity to go gem mining through Diamond Del's Mobile Gem Mining. Students delighted in sifting for treasure and making geological discoveries without ever leaving DLR. All the rocks, minerals and gems collected by the students were theirs to keep and the memories made were priceless.
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ge&h breakfast
Celebrating Dr. Seuss
We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with Green Eggs & Ham and plenty of stories read aloud! Our kindergartners enjoyed the specially-themed breakfast, with entertainment provided by The Cat in the Hat herself, Dr. Milstead. Our classes also enjoyed community readers from local Rotary and Kiwanis clubs reading our favorites - thank you!
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Champion Speller
Our top 12 spellers in 4th and 5th grade went head to head for the title of DLR 2020 Spelling Bee Champion. Peyton C. reigned victorious, and our runner up was Liam C. Congratulations to these students, as well as all of the others who competed! We are so proud of these tigers! Good Luck to Miss Peyton, as she will now move on to compete in the County Wide Bee! ROAR Peyton!!
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Safety Patrol
The DLR Safety Patrol is BACK! These students applied and were selected for this special opportunity. It is no easy task, as they had to have recommendations from teachers, no referrals, and be in good academic standing. We would like to congratulate these students. The students will be wearing vests tomorrow, but officially begin patrols after the winter holidays. We also would like to thank Deputy Barnes for all of her support!
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Is There a Surgeon in the House?!
I need a caption - STAT! Our 3rd graders in Mrs. Williams' class had a blast performing "surgery" to find text features as part of their language arts lesson. This lesson is a highlight of the year, and the kids will always remember the fun - and the lesson!
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A "Grinchy" Family Night
A "Grinchy" time was had by all at our super fun Holiday Family Night. Our parent involvement group, PAWS, did a terrific job creating a special night with crafts, games, Christmas snacks, and pix with the Grinch. Thank you PAWS for a getting us all in the holiday spirit!
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Family Engagement Month
November is Family Engagement Month, and we sure enjoyed our families here at DLR! Thank you for supporting your children and DLR so beautifully.
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History is a Blast!
What a great time we had at the 4th Grade History Night! Great projects and great costumes!
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Honoring Veterans
Mrs. Blount's class had a great time learning about Veterans Day. They talked about each of the 5 branches of the military and what a hero means to their class. They finished out their week of learning about Veterans Day by inviting a veteran to come read a story to us. We were honored to have Mr. Jason Dupuis join us Friday, November 8, 2019 to read the story ‘What is Veterans Day?’ to our class. Mr. Dupuis also answered interesting questions about the Navy. We are so thankful for all of our veterans and their service!
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Our Coasties Are the Mosties!!!
A big thank you to our local Coast Guard units who did a beautiful job helping us set up our book fair and then made quick work of packing it up at the conclusion of our successful week. The book fairs are huge fundraisers for our library, and our students just love them. A heartfelt thank you to our Coasties!!
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October is Fire Safety Month
Local fire fighters visited our DLR kindergarten classes and brought their big red fire truck! Students learned all about fire safety and the importance of having smoke detectors in our homes. Thank you Kingsland Fire & Rescue!
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Earth's Angels and Wiggly Worms Visit DLR
On Friday, October 4th, second graders at DLR were visited by the Earth's Angels. These ladies visit about four times throughout the school year to teach a lesson centered around Earth science. This week, students learned about wiggly worms and their importance to our environment. Students were able to hold worms, as well as use magnifying glasses to see them up close. Students also learned a little about how composting works. We are so grateful for their partnership with us and are looking forward to their next visit!
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We Love Our Custodians!
Patient and kind, our DLR custodians make our building shine! Thank you for all you do!
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2019 Color Run and Fall Festival
We had a BLAST! Thank you so much to our PAWS folks who put on a terrific Fall Festival and Color Run! We had games, face painting, real live goldfish, a basket auction, a cake walk and so much more. Thank YOU!
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2019 Storybook Character Parade
Was that Sam I Am? And a Creepy Carrot? And Chewbacca? Yes on all counts! We had a terrific Storybook Character Parade! Creative costumes, favorite books, and plenty of fun!
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landon smiling
PBIS Kickoff!!
Big Prizes! Great Music! A Dancing Tiger! We had a Tigerrrific PBIS Kickoff assembly to introduce our students to our schoolwide Positive Behavioral Intervention System. Thank you to Coach Crenshaw for inspiring all of our students, and to our DLR Tiger!! Great team, great day!
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2019-20 Teacher of the Year
Charlsie McElroy, Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Charlsie McElroy, a first grade teacher here at DLR, was chosen by her colleagues as our 2019-20 David L. Rainer Elementary Teacher of the Year. Mrs. McElroy has a passion for teaching and her students, and we congratulate her on her accomplishments!
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Our Super Hero Lunch Ladies!!!
Did you know May 3rd is national School Lunch Hero Day? At DLR, we celebrated and thanked our hard working cafeteria staff members! Today, they dawned their capes, masks, and gloves to feed the kids that entered their lines. Our school was able to thank them for all of their hard work, their caring smiles, and the personal relationships they've built with our students. Thank you to Mrs. Kim and all of her ladies! We are so thankful for all you do to feed our students!!
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"The Magic of Monet" 2019 Art Show!
Bravo to Mrs. Benton and the students of DLR for such terrific art!! Of course you can't have an art show without volunteers... special thanks to those who came in today and helped set everything up - huge job!! We also want to thank all the families who were in attendance at our first art show. For those who were unable to attend...no worries...there will still be an opportunity to purchase your child's framed art. Mrs. Benton will send out the info once she receives it from the company. Remember, Every Child is an Artist!!
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The Last 26 Days of Kindergarten
Mrs. Miller’s class is celebrating all of our hard work this year by using the 26 letters of the alphabet to count down the last 26 days of school. Each day we do a different activity that starts with that letter of the alphabet. A was for airplane – we learned how to construct paper airplanes and then watched to see how far they could fly. B was for bubbles – we went outside and enjoyed some bubble fun. C was for clouds – we read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk”, then made and wrote about our own cloud shapes. D was for dance – we put on some music had fun. E was for exercise – we got our wiggles out with some extra recess. We can’t wait to see what the next 21 days bring!
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Purple Up Day!
April is the Month of the Military Child and DLR showed its military pride during our Purple Up day on April 12th. Military families enjoyed a Hot Dog for Heroes lunch in the cafeteria, and students and staff showed their support by "Purpling Up" for the day.
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4th Grade Challenge Students Visit White Oak Conservation Center
Our 4th grade Challenge students have been studying the rhinoceros, and a field trip to White Oak Conservation Center was the perfect opportunity to get a closer look at their topic - including a new baby rhino, Kali! It was a terrific day!
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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!
Our kindergartners visited the zoo and had a blast!
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3rd Grade Field Trip to Ft. King George
On Friday, March 8th, DLR's 3rd graders went to Ft. King George. While at the fort, they were able to experience what life would've been like living in a fort many years ago. They were able to visit with soldiers, doctors, blacksmiths, and more! Students also were able to watch musket balls being made, as well as experience the BOOM of a cannon being shot! Fun was had by everyone involved!
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